Gianni and Romina chef by passion


We are Gianni and Romina Nardulli now we cook for you at LA MI RESTAURANT. We have made a hard and tiring choice to try to convey the importance of healthy and quality food and we hope to succeed with our passion for cooking. Much time has passed since the origins of the first recipes to today, but despite all the secret of this cuisine has remained unchanged, the exquisiteness of the raw materials, expressed cooking and great passion also make our cuisine so appetizing, therefore carefully selected top quality, pure tastes, simple cooking and the versatility with which our kitchen adapts to modern times with updates and variations on the theme of tradition due to our experience made of hard work but also of internships and cooking classes all over the world . Every day with low-gluten type 2 stone-ground flour, we prepare 7-grain black bread, spelled and buckwheat bread and durum wheat bread that is served at the table, but also pasta fresh egg of durum wheat, spelled, wholegrain, tortelli and stuffed ravioli, as well as homemade cakes for our desserts and our semifreddi. We use fresh fish from the sea, raw fish, Italian and international meat, high quality organic cheeses, salami from Cinta Senese, fresh organic seasonal vegetables both for side dishes and for vegetarian and vegan dishes, also bread and pasta for celiacs and many other high quality products. And finally a varied wine list with quality wine by the glass thanks to a special machine that keeps the wine of the open bottles intact.   Come and taste our cuisine by drinking quality wine:  La Mi Casa Restaurant via V. Gioberti 100, Orbetello GR.  Mobile. 3408755878



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